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About Hezar Afsan Hamila Company


The food industry of Hezar Afsan Hamila.

Relying on specialized knowledge in producing top quality and first-class raw materials for preparing all kinds of bread, cakes, cookies, and sweets, this company is ready to provide services to dear customers.

The future vision of this complex is to expand production lines and increase exports. At present, Hezar Afsan Hamila food industry complex is ready to offer unique types of baking powder in the food industry so that esteemed customers can always receive their desired pastry powder according to their product with a unique formulation.

The company, under the Cakeeno and Seemaneh brand, is ready to offer products with a monthly production capacity of 120 tons.

The competitive advantage of Hezar Afsan Hamila Company with other competitors is its unique formulation, use of the latest equipment, and employment of specialized personnel.

Hezar Afsan Hamila is proud to always provide the best services, customer satisfaction in its resume.

We will be at your service soon with new brands and unique products.

The best for you, because you are the most worthy.